Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Freed by God but imprisoned by culture written by Afrika Mhlophe

About the book

Everything in our lives is affected by culture and this is why a book like this is necessary in understanding and dissecting this important subject. In this book Afrika Mhlophe evaluates the many claims and beliefs that are associated with culture and also looks at how culture interfaces with the Christian faith.

The author offers tools on how Bible-believing Christians can navigate the conflict between their faith and their ethnic-based cultures.

Mhlophe also shows that culture, as a social construct, is influenced by the condition of the people who form it and those also who follow it. This book helps readers see that culture is not a sacred system but rather a set of values established to maintain social cohesion. The author therefore shows that culture-based values cannot be superior to those that are based on the Bible.

This book is divided into seven sections, which are:
  • Understanding where we come from
  • Understanding Culture
  • Understanding issues of identity
  • Understanding the power of influence
  • Understanding the power of Culture
  • Understanding African cultural practices
  • Understanding cultural fascism
This is a book of freedom. It is a gift to those who are imprisoned by culture and also to those who desire to be equipped in how to guard their freedom from the control of man-made culture.

Pastor Afrika is also the author of Christianity and the Veneration of Ancestors.

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